Studio Gear


Digital Audio Workstation equipped with a Pentium 4, 6600 quad core processor, 4 gig ram,  running Sonar X1 Producer's edition software with plugins that include; Waves Platinum bundle, Waves CLA classic comps, Ez Drummer, Ez Drummer Nashville, Pro-53, Hammond B4, T-Pain Effect, T-racks, Sonalksis, Lexicon Reverbs, Lexicon Convolution Reverbs, Guitar Rig 3, and all Waves mastering plugins. Wavelab 6 available for mastering. Also for perfect vocals I now have Celemony Melodyne DNA for perfect vocals and pitch correction.  

All mic cables and patch cables are Mogami 2549.

MIdas Venice 320

Studio Monitors-
Yamaha HS-80m near-field monitors - control room
EV SX100's - live room
4 x Audio Technica ATH-M30 headphones
1 x Yamaha CM500 headphones w/talkback mic

Midi Controller/Keyboards-
M-Audio Oxygen 48
M-Audio Sono 88
Korg Stage Piano SP-250

Preamps - 
BAE 312a stereo (Brent Averill)
Joemeek VC1 Studio channel
Presonus ADL-600 (stereo tube pre) 
24 Midas Venice pre's

Aphex 651 Expressor
Aphex 651 Expressor
ART Pro VLA tube comp
ART Pro VLA II tube comp
Joe Meek VC1
DBX 160xt

Analog to Digital/Digital to Analog converters-
Echo Audiofire12, 24 bit digital 192khz High Definition audio 
Echo Audiofire 8, 24 bit digital
Capable of recording 20 tracks at once

Neutrik NYS-SPPL-L

Headphone Rack-
ART Head Amp 6 Pro (live Room)
Rane Mojo MH4 (control room)

Microphones Vocal-
Avantone CV-12 tube mic
Groove Tubes AM-61 tube mic
Groove Tubes GT-55 condenser
Shure KSM-27 condenser
Audio Technica AT-4047 condenser

Microphones Instrument-
Audio Technica Pro37
Audio Technica Pro37r
Beyerdynamic M201
Sennheiser MD-421
Sennheiser E609
Sennheiser E604
Sennheiser E604
Sennheiser E604
Shure Sm-57
Shure Sm-81 condenser
Shure Sm-81 condenser
Shure Beta 52
Shure Beta 91
Oktava MK 012
Cascade Fathead II w/Lundhal Transformer - ribbon
Cad Trion 7000 - ribbon mic
Cad E-100 condenser
Akg D112 
Audix D1
Audix D2
Audix D2
Audix D4
Audix D6
Audix F15
Audix F15

Misc studio gear for use/Backline 
Ibanez EW20 exotic wood acoustic
60's vintage Road Worn Strat
Custom Built Relic Tele with Handwound custom pickups
Custom Built Relic Strat with Fender fat 50's
Paul Reed Smith CE-24
Epiphone Les Paul Custom Goldtop w/Seymour Duncan JB

Custom built pedalboard with  Zendrive, Maxon OD808, TS-9 tube screamer, Boss cs-2 compression pedal, 
    Boss GT-6 multi-effects, Area 51 hand built Wah, ISP Decimator

Dr. Z Maz 38 Senior w/reverb
1970 Fender Blackfaced Super Reverb (internally and cosmetically blackfaced)
Mesa Boogie Single Rectoverb Head w/Avatar 2x12 cab - Weber blue dog and Vintage 30

5 piece Ludwig Classic Maple kit with Zildjian K and A Custom cymbals
Zildjian A Custom Mastersound Hi-Hats
Tama Iron Cobra Leverglide Hi-hat stand with Iron Cobra Powerglide single bass pedal
Pearl 6.5 deep Maple Master MCX snare

Always getting new gear, so check back often.


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