Keys to great recordings

      Personally, I believe the number one aspect of getting the best possible results out of your recording experience is knowing your material from the inside out and even playing it live for a while before rushing into the studio. From personal experience I know that I have written songs, composed the music for them and thought it was exactly how I wanted only to find out that after playing them live a few times I felt some changes were in order. Sometimes songs grow more out of live performances than in the first stages of writing and composing them. Maybe they were too long to be radio friendly, maybe the lead ride did not compliment the song, maybe certain harmony parts were missing or you hear later some parts that would benefit from more or less harmony. There are so many things that come to life after playing your songs live that you may not realize until you do. I have the belief that if you are selling CD's at the the gigs and people are learning your material and getting familiar with your songs, you should be able to reproduce them as close to the CD as possible. That definitely is not a hard-and-fast rule, just a suggestion. So any changes you make after recording your CD may be confusing for your audience. My 2 cents...

These are just a few suggestions for better quality recordings-

Drums- Have you ever wondered how artist get such a great drum sound in the studio? Well, alot of it has to do with the studio, equipment used to record, mics, pre's, size of the live room ect. One of the single most important factors in getting great drum sounds is from new heads and proper tuning. This is very important in the studio as well as live performances. Dead drum heads will sound, dead. Improperly tuned heads will not resonate properly and therefore not give you the performance out of your equipment that is needed for a great recording. I will be happy to work with you before the session to get the best tone out of your rig.

Electric Guitar- Once again, just like drum heads, guitar strings die pretty quickly and lose the ringing, snappy top end that makes them sound good. Strings are very cheap and highly suggested before the session. I usually have some on hand so if you forget we should be ok.

Acoustic Guitar- These are actually more important to the sound of an acoustic guitar than electric strings are to the electric. Alot of times electric guitars are smothered in heavy distortion or overdrive that masks the dead strings, but acoustics on the other hand cannot hide from dead strings. Once again, new strings on acoustic guitars equal a nice ringing tone that you cannot get by editing or adding effects.

Bass- Strings are vital to the bass tone to get a nice cutting tone that can be heard and not just felt with the bass. Once again, there is no substitute for new strings on the bass.

Vocals- Normally soda, smoking, drinking and staying out all night is not the best thing for your vocal chords, but if thats what your used to we will make it work. Maybe the night before and the morning of the session, drink plenty of water and maybe some warm tea if you like. 

Be Prepared- Make sure you know your parts. If you think you will be part of the session that particular day, it is alot better if you completely know your parts before you arrive. Studio time costs money, and though I don't mind, it will save you time and money if you completely know your part of the song when you get to The Lava Lounge.

    Remember these are only friendly suggestions and are only intended to help in achieving the highest quality recordings that we can. Every little detail can make a large difference in the quality of your recording. All of this will make setup time, mixing time, and mastering time go much quicker and things will have a more vibrant tone in the mix. In the end it should save more money for you in time not wasted trying to get the best out of the recording. 

    I look forward to working with everyone and no matter what we have to work with we will make the best out of it.

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