I'd like to say thanks to Drew Molleur of 'Bad Axis' for stopping by the studio and laying down a few tracks for the Maysville High School football team. The song is called 'Throw it down' and is a collaberation between Drew and Mike Deviney of 'Whiskey Tom.' Drew played all the instruments on the track while Mike took care of the vocals. Even some of the high school football team members got in on the action with the "hey, hey" parts throughout the song.

Drew (pictured below) also spends time on the road with the band 'Cold' and you can check both 'Bad Axis' and 'Cold' out on youtube. Also check out
http://www.badaxis.com for their debut album "Come Alive." I personally have a copy of it and it definitely rips, very well done.

Please check out "Throw it down" in the artists/clips section.

 Welcome to www.thelavaloungestudio.com

Hi, I am a musician, song writer, and and overall music lover. I have been in the music business and sound reinforcent for over 15 years and have worked along side of many touring artists like Pat Green, Cross Canadian Ragweed, Tracy Byrd, Gary Allan, Trace Adkins, Bryan White, Blake Shelton and many others. Along with the recording studio I also offer live sound for concerts and I do many festivals and fairs throughout the year.  

The Lava Lounge is able to record, edit, mix, and master your songs with almost unlimited possibilities. Any sound you can produce will be captured with some of the very best microphones available. We will also have several solid state and tube preamps for a vintage vibe, and the absolute finest sound quality straight to the digital audio workstation where editing waveforms is as easy as clicking a mouse. No more cutting tape for edits, or overdubbing the same part over and over to get it perfect. Editing within the digital domain will allow us to take the best pieces from several takes and make it one seemless pass, thus saving you time, which in turn saves you money.  Please check out the "gear" section for a list of equipment currently at The Lava Lounge.

We will be happy to record full bands of any genre; rock, country, jazz, red dirt, alternative, bluegrass, reggae, metal, or if you would like to just sing along to your karaoke track, that will be fine as well. I have alot of experience mixing country, red dirt, and rock and as stated earlier I am an active musician out playing clubs so I understand the "music" side of it as well as the production side.  We will find the sound you are looking for, or the one you hear in your head. We will offer you the fastest turn around time from start to finish and work to make it very easy and fun for the whole experience. That is the main thing, fun. Recording should be a fun time and there is no need for tension in the studio. I will be glad to offer assistance in the production side if you are needing direction, or I can just record, mix, master, and listen to the acting producer for your session.

If you are an individual musician or songwriter, and would like to record with a full band, we should be able to provide those services for you. Come in and we will lay your tracks, then fill in the rest with drums, bass, lead guitar, steel guitar, and possibly keyboard and fiddle. Like I stated earlier I have been in the music business a long time so I have met and worked with alot of really talented musicians. We should be able to find whatever instrument you desire in your recording. Rates for studio musicians will be posted soon.  

Studio rates are VERY competitive and the product will be superior to most studios charging substantially more. We will also be offering evening and weekend sessions because most musicians including myself have an actual full time job.

The website is a "work in progress" so please check back often for updates, pics, and the date of the grand opening. I apreciate all who have helped me on my path and for my friends and family, who without them this would not be possible.

Any questions or comments please contact


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