All rates are for recording and studio time only. I won't charge for setup time and tear down time. These are basic rates and only a rough outline of possibilities.

Backing Tracks-
If you are bringing a soundtrack to sing with, I will charge a flat rate of $20 a song or $60 for a 3 song demo. That will include ripping your song to the computer, tracking Vocals, and express mastering afterwards to get it ready for a CD, and then finally a master CD. If you plan on doing more than 3 we can work out the details.

Full bands and/or Instruments Tracking - $40.00 hr

Express Mastering - This process will require fresh ears so we will need to wait 24 to 48 hours at least after all tracking and mixing is completed. I would like to have 1 representative from the artists recording to be involved in the mastering process and for final approval before the song goes to disc. Sometimes the artists interpretation is different than the engineer so its best to be on the same page unless power is given to me to master as I see fit.

Mastering, for those of you who do not know, is the process of getting a song or group of songs ready for a CD. This means bringing the volume up to the proper loudness like some of your favorite songs, and that process would include EQ'ing the mix, multi-band compression, limiters, stereo enhancers ect. It can be a very complex and time consuming process.

I would suggest taking the finished UN-MASTERED CD to a professional Mastering house for final mastering. They are setup with the finest gear, and it is what they do professionally for a living. They may be able to provide a better sounding final copy than I can achieve, but it will be more costly. Its up to the artist who masters the CD.

Any questions don't hesitate to email me at 
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